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About Us

Our administrative offices are open Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm.  No walk-ins, by appointment only.  We ship Monday to Friday via UPS overnight shipping, in well packed temperature controlled boxes. (There may be additional fee for Saturday Delivery)  We do not ship on the weekends.


At Unique Corals, our goal is to create the industry’s best source for high-quality marine livestock. 


Owner Joseph Caparatta has been in the marine aquarium hobby and industry for over two decades. He's written, lectured, and traveled extensively in support of the hobby and industry. Unique Corals follows the philosophy of offering conscientiously handled, sustainably-sourced, and responsibly cared-for marine life to the aquarium hobby, backed up by customer service that's beyond anything you've experienced in the aquarium industry. Our core values of "conscientious, sustainable, responsible" are more than just words. They are the creed by which we operate.

As a small family owned business, we operate a 6,000 square foot facility in Van Nuys, CA, with over 14,000 gallons of saltwater devoted to the procurement, quarantine, and propagation of marine life. Our focus is on providing conscientiously-handled, sustainably sourced, and environmentally responsible livestock for hobbyists, retail stores, and public aquaria nationwide. We have developed systems, practices and protocols to assure that livestock is handled in a manner that assures the best possible health and quality of the animals.  And our passion shows in the quality of the livestock.  We only let the healthiest specimens out of our doors, and we take "WYSIWYG" very very seriously.


The backbone of our facility consists of six 30-foot long, 2000 gallon “raceways” with independent life support and monitoring systems. Each raceway incorporates a special water movement design that provides optimum flow for the health of our corals. Unique Corals employs a variety of cutting edge growth promoting techniques specific to the animals housed within each raceway.  Our dedicated fish holding system is designed to accommodate a variety of marine fishes in a stable, healthy environment.  We utilize and test many of the exclusive brands we carry, that can only be found at UniqueCorals.  Brands such as Triton, DaStaCo, Ultrareef, Pax Bellum, Panta Rhei, etc.  We talk the talk and walk the walk.


Our facility features specially designed systems for acclimation, quarantine, packing, and shipment, so that we can manage the quality of our operation at every phase, assuring our customers that their animals have received the best possible care while at our facility, and that they are properly and safely packed for shipment to their ultimate destinations. 

Find out why more and more reefers turn to us as their most trusted source for marine livestock.

Please join us. Be bold. Take a stand. Be…unique.


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To inquire about wholesale partnerships, please contact [email protected]

We also rent out our facility for special events, Reef Club gatherings, and industry events.  Call us to set up your next event at UniqueCorals.

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