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Acropora latistella- UC Pink Bali Shortcake *Limited Release- 1" Frag to Order

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Acropora latistella- UC Pink Bali Shortcake-  This species typically comes in as maricultured specimens from Indonesia on a somewhat regular basis.  The color forms vary from a deep reddish pink with blue tips to a green base with white tips.  We actively seek out the most colorful specimens to be offered here as frags.  They have proven to be hardy and fast growing but sometimes tricky to color up.  Only when the water chemistry is in the "sweet spot" do they really exhibit the deepest colors possible.  Try Amino acids, low nutrient levels and make sure your trace elements are being added regularly to make the most of this specimen's offerings. 

LIMITED RELEASE- This colony is not fragged yet.  We have a very limited supply of this species. Because of this fact, we prefer to keep it in tact as a mother colony until a frag is sold.  At the time of sale a 3/4" frag will be made for you.   Please allow a solid 2 weeks for full healing before shipping.  We have set the inventory to reflect the limited number of frags that can be cut from this mother colony. 

CARE LEVEL:  Intermediate


PLACEMENT: On Rockwork or Rubble

WATER MOVEMENT: Moderate to Strong

LIGHTING:  Moderate to Bright

NOTE: This is a "Made to order" frag.  Please allow approx 2 weeks for the proper healing of the frag upon ordering.  Only 3/4" frags offered at this time from this select mother colony.  Not WYSIWYG.

 For “Frag to Order” items, please choose a desired delivery date of approximately 2 weeks from the date of purchase on the check out page.  A representative will contact you prior to that date to make sure it is still good for you.  During this waiting period, feel free to add any additional items to be sent with this order by simply letting us know in the comments section. Thank you.

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Acropora latistella- UC Pink Bali Shortcake *Limited Release- 1" Frag to Order


Although many “Small Polyped Stony” (“SPS”) corals are easy to keep, they require stable environmental parameters and excellent water quality.We illuminate our “SPS” corals with 400- watt 20,000k metal halides on light movers.


We offer “SPS” corals in a variety of sizes, ranging from small “frags” to colonies. All frags are healed and encrusted before they are shipped to you.


At unique, our “SPS” corals have been either captive propagated, maricultured, or sustainably collected, so you can feel as good about purchasing them as we do offering them to you.






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