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Acropora sp.- UC "Wild Orchid" Acro -1"-1.25" Stock Frag

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Acropora sp. - UC "Wild Orchid" &nbsp1" Stock Frag- One of the most beautiful UC frags ever released! A stunning mix of greens, yellows, and purples combine to form an incredible, exotic Acro that you'll absolutely want to add to your collection! Beautifully encrusted frags! If you like branching Acros, this one is sure to become a favorite for you. Fast growing, hardy, and super colorful, the "Wild Orchid" has everything that you're looking for! 

SIZE: Approx. 1"-1.25"

CARE LEVEL:  Intermediate


PLACEMENT: On Rockwork or Rubble



HUSBANDRY NOTES: We keep these corals under 400 watt 20,000k Radium metal halides on light movers. They do appreciate regular feedings of fine-sized foods. We dose amino acides (Two Little Fishies "AcroPower") and Potassium supplements.

NOTE: You will be purchasing a coral similar to the one in the photo. Because we spend less time photographing and uploading "stock" items, we pass the savings on to you! If they are on the site, they're always ready to ship

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Acropora sp.- UC "Wild Orchid"  Acro -1"-1.25" Stock Frag


The genus Acropora contains some 150-odd species of stony corals. They are one of the major reef-building coral species found in nature. There are numerous growth form variations, ranging from delicate branching specimens, to massive plating varieties.  We always have a great variety on hand.

 Acropora may be quite demanding in terms of their care, requiring good measures of water movement, lighting, and food, not to mention stable environmental parameters. Water movement is perhaps even more important than lighting, as photsynthesis and respiration are strongly correlated with the intensity of water movement.

Lighting is very important to these corals, and is he subject of much debate among reefers. The bottom line: Acropora categorically favor moderately high to very high light intensity. You can achieve this through application of T5, metal halide, or LED lighting technology.

Acropora are surprisingly “hungry” corals, and will maintain optimum coloration, health, and growth. In addition to commercial phytoplankton and zooplankton feeds, these corals benefit from…well- fish waste! By feeding your fishes regularly and heavily, their waste products help supplement the nutritional needs of your Acropora specimens.

To grow healthy colonies of Acropora, it’s important to maintain high water quality in the aquarium. This means a high pH, consistent alkalinity and calcium levels, and barely detectable phosphate and nitrate levels.

Acropora require moderate to high levels of alkalinity and calcium, which can be administered via either 2-part buffer solutions or a calcium reactor. Magnesium is also important to Acropora, and can generally be supplied via frequent water changes with a quality salt mix. If magnesium levels are still low, as indicated by a test kit, it may be supplemented via commercially available products.




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