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Pachyclavularia sp. - "Green" Star Polyps - 1.5" Stock Frag

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Pachyclavularia sp. - "Green" Star Polyp- Stock Frag  - This is an "ultra colored" variety of the Green Star Polyp, with a very bright neon-green color. Like the more common variety, this is a hardy, easy-to-keep coral species that grows quickly when provided with moderate to bright light and moderate water movement. Be sure to leave space between them and other corals to accommodate their rapid growth. Cut from our hand selected mother colonies and fully grown out.

TEMPERAMENT: Semi-Aggressive

PLACEMENT: On Rockwork or Rubble

WATER MOVEMENT: Moderate to Strong (with surging flow preferred)

LIGHTING:  Moderate to Bright

HUSBANDRY NOTES: We keep these corals under LED or T5 lighting, in areas of moderate to strong flow. Feedings are not necessary, as the zooxanthallae provide nutrition for the coral.

NOTE: You will be purchasing a coral similar to the one in the photo. Because we spend less time photographing and uploading "stock" items, we pass the savings on to you! If they are on the site, they're always ready to ship!

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Pachyclavularia sp. - "Green" Star Polyps - 1.5"  Stock Frag


Back in the dark ages of the reef hobby (we’re talking the 1980’s, ok?), soft corals were THE corals in the reef hobby. They have been with us ever since, and we love their hypnotic motion as they sway in the current. They are a beautiful, diverse, and colorful element of the reefscape..

Soft corals typically lack a hard external skeleton, with some exceptions and are not associated with reef building. They form an important part of the reef ecosystem, and occur in many different reef habitats. They come in a dazzling array of colors, shapes, and behaviors.

And they’re just plain cool.

Like stony corals, many soft coral species contain zooxanthellae that live inside of their tissues, and typically do not require supplemental feeding. Of course, there are exceptions such as Dendronepthia, which lack zooxanthellae and require a continuous influx of phytoplankton in order to survive.

They are some of the easiest corals to keep in the reef aquarium, and are simple to propagate. With modest demands, great variety, superb colors, and ease of propagation, soft corals are great for hobbyists of all experience levels.

You can keep them under a wide variety of lighting regimens, ranging from T5 florescent to LED, to metal halides. They are generally adaptable and can thrive with moderate to brisk water flow in your aquarium.

At unique, we offer a variety of soft corals for almost any reef aquarium. All of our soft corals are either captive propagated, or sustainably collected from the wild, with accountability and responsibility in mind.

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