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Echinophyllia aspera - "Tron" Chalice - 3/4" Stock Frag

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CARE LEVEL:  Intermediate

TEMPERAMENT: Semi Aggressive

PLACEMENT: On Rockwork or Rubble


LIGHTING:  Low to Moderate

HUSBANDRY NOTES: We keep this Chalice about 20" under Kessil A350 LED lights. We feed them several times a week with oyster eggs and other meaty, marine-based foods. Water parameters are not overly critical, in our experience, but stability is important.

NOTE: You will be purchasing a coral similar to the one in the photo. Because we spend less time photographing and uploading "stock" items, we pass the savings on to you! If they are on the site, they're always ready to ship!


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Echinophyllia aspera - "Tron" Chalice - 3/4" Stock Frag


Let’s be honest, the term “LPS” does not mean anything to the scientist. To us, it means “Large Polyped Stony Coral”. LPS corals require stable conditions, moderate lighting, and modest to brisk water movement. Many are happy being placed directly on the substrate .


At unique, we offer both sustainably-collected wild colonies, and propagated “frags”.


One warning:  These corals possess long “sweeper tentacles” that can sting their neighbors, so provide plenty of room between your corals!

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