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Centropyge loricula- Flame Angelfish- Approx. 2" Specimen

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Centropyge loriculus - Flame Angelfish -The Flame Angelfish is  one of the staples of the marine aquarium trade. Aan active little Angelfish that has one of the most interesting personalities of its genus. This fish is bold, assertive and interesting to watch. Ours are properly collected and handled, and are acclimated, rested, eating well, and in great shape before they ever reach your aquarium! The Flame Angelfish subsists on a varied diet of marine algae, mysis, and other prepared fare. Although it is often kept in reef aquariums, this fish may nip at stony and soft corals and clam mantles, so consider this when purchasing this fish.

SIZE: Approx. 2"

NOTE: You will be purchasing a fish similar to the one in the photo. Because we spend less time photographing and uploading "stock" items, we pass the savings on to you! If they are on the site, they're always ready to ship! You will be purchasing specimens similar to the ones shown in the photo. Each individual will display variation in terms of markings, color intensity, etc. Not every fish will have markings like the ones shown in the photo.  Because fishes need to be "purged" of food before shipping to avoid contaminating their bags, we ship fishes twice weekly- Tuesday and Thursday. All orders with fishes will be shipped on these days.

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Centropyge loricula- Flame Angelfish- Approx. 2" Specimen


Members of the genus Centropyge, known collectively as Dwarf Angelfish, typically reach a maximum of five to six inches in length. In nature, they typically inhabit rocky reef areas with moderate to heavy coral growth.

Dwarf Angelfishes are generally peaceful, except with members of their own genus. It’s typically “one to a tank”, unless you start them off in groups as juveniles in an aquarium large enough to create separate territories. Ideally, an aquarium housing Dwarf Angelfishes should have abundant live rock, which provides both foraging and hiding places for the fish.

Although some individuals specimens can be kept in reef aquariums without nipping at corals and sessile invertebrates, it should be generally assumed that Centropyge are somewhat of a risk to keep in reef aquariums. It’s your call!

Dwarf Angelfishes are typically omnivores, with a good portion of their diet consisting of algal growth that they rasp from rocks. This may be supplemented with high quality frozen foods, such as mysis and enriched frozen brine shrimp.

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