When is the next Reef2Reef LiveSale? Tell me already!

We have all been waiting with bated breath since the last Live Sale of April.

Well..... now we know! The next one is going to be in October.

And it'll be a whole weekend, no less!  Oct 13th, and 14th 9am to 6pm Pacific Time.

We really cannot wait.  

There will be so many more specials, $5 corals, and amazing pieces than last time.

*sigh... not even sure what to do with myself  :-)))


Here's a reminder of so of the rules:" 

If you see something else you like here, just choose the "Add-on Order" free shipping option upon checkout, and we'll combine shipping with your Live Sale order (for livestock orders).  

Rules: You MUST first purchase a shipping module here. Then shop as much as you like and we'll combine shipping for you.

No more than four $5 corals per person.  For every $5 coral you must purchase another coral as well.

You must complete checkout to secure the coral. Once purchased the item will be market "out of stock".  Checkout as many times as you like, your shipping will be combined.


All orders are final, no refunds, exchanges, credits, promotional gift cards, coupons, or extra discounts will be applied in the sale. Our Guarantee covers all the corals we ship. If you have a question please ask through thread posts or PM, as our admin office will be closed on Saturday.  If you call the office or send a message through the UniqueCorals.com site, you will not get an answer until Monday morning. If you ask for a customization or substitution, we will try to accommodate you but please understand this may delay your ship date.
The $5 doorbuster corals will be spaced throughout.  With so many choice items, competition is fierce, be ready for some fast clicking!  We do suggest you register with UniqueCorals.com first with your shipping information so you will have a fast checkout experience.  If you are already a registered UniqueCorals customer, great, you are all set to go.

 There is NO FREE SHIPPING unless combined with another order from our website over $150 in Livestock.  

Please make sure your shipping module is all set before Monday, as we will have a large number of orders to fulfill and we want everyone to get their coral in a timely manner. Please include your full name and order details in any PM or communications so we may properly identify who you are. 


You WILL collect UC reward points for all your purchases! Since your checkout experience will be at UniqueCorals, you can bank those points and use them toward any product on the site. Win and Win!"