Mithraculus sp. - Emerald Crab - Approx. 1" Specimen

SKU: Mithraculus sp. - Emerald Crab-03

Crabs are decapod crustaceans of the infraorder Brachyura, with over 6,800 species known to science. As a general rule, they are typically covered in a thick exoskelton of calcium carbonate. Most of the crabs that we typically keep in reef aquariums are completely aquatic, and spend all of their time in the water.


They typically will eat algae, detritus, and other appropriately-sized foods in captivity. Crabs are characteristically hardy, and are able to tolerate a surprisingly diverse range of conditions. In the aquarium hobby, crabs are typically employed as “purposeful” animals, providing scavenging or algae-consuming services.

Mithraculus sp. - Emerald Crab - Approx. "1" Specimen - This interesting and popular Caribbean crab is highly regarded as a scavenger, as well as an active consumer of nuisance Bubble Algae. It is essentially harmless to all but the tiniest fishes, and is a great addition to a reef aquarium as a member of your "cleanup crew". However, it does need to get its share of food on a regular basis, in order to thrive in captivity. Be sure to supplement its diet with prepared foods as necessary if algae is scarce.


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