"SPS" Frag Pack - 4 Different Stock Frags (non-WYSIWYG)


We save time on photographing and you save money! 

non WYSIWyG items, approximately 1" each, 4 pieces. 

Although many “Small Polyped Stony” (“SPS”) corals are easy to keep, they require stable environmental parameters and excellent water quality. We illuminate our “SPS” corals with 400- watt 20,000k metal halides, T5, and LED's.  

At uniquecorals.com, we offer “SPS” corals that have been either captive propagated or sustainably collected.

We offer “SPS” corals in a variety of sizes, ranging from small “frags” to colonies. We make sure all frags are well-healed and healthy before they are shipped to you.