Back To School R2R UC LiveSale! Aug 22 & 23, both days 10am-6pm PST

LiveSale Winners Announced!
Ken Hyers- 4 Pc Collectors Acropora frag pack: $999 
a frag each of UC Cardo Tenuis, UC Leylani Tenuis, UC Red Rabbit Tenuis, UC Thano Acro (mothers pictured)
Rob Mougey- Brand New in the USA! Dalua Great White GW-7 DC Skimmer (or $300 Coral Gift Card to
Jonathan Cates- 4 Pc Premium Maricultured Acropora Colony Pack: $599
Rich Schifano- 5 Pc Premium Paly Frag Pack: $399
Shane Tauzin- 5 Pc Mixed LPS Frag Pack: $259 
William Wiese- Triton 2 pack ICP test kit: $98 


Thank you for hanging with us! It was a blast.

You must purchase a shipping module in order to shop LiveSale
For every $5 coral, you must also purchase a non-$5 coral, limit of four $5 coral total per customer for both days.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO SUBSTITUTIONS. Win awesome prizes, valued at over $3000! (shipping included) FULL RULES