Abalone 1"-2” Stock Specimen


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These are very special new algae eaters from Bali.  They are easy to keep and so far the testing we have done has deemed them to be reef safe.  Farmed in a hatchery and from tropical Indonesian waters, these inverts are a fantastic reef-safe choice for algae control.   They do love to consume algae so to make sure they don't starve we recommend adding them to established systems and not overcrowding them.  Probably 1 per 30-40 gallons tank size is ideal.  

Like any invert, we recommend doing a drip acclimation so they become used to the new water.  If removing them from the bag or a hard surface always be careful not to damage them.  You can use a credit card to carefully pry the animal loose for placement in its new home.  For this reason we don't recommend acclimating it in a hard container- instead keep it in the bag where it will be easier to remove.  

Size - These max out around 2.5" in length. 

More info: ReefBuilders article