Abyzz 400 110V DC Pump. Complete unit with Controller 10M Cable length


The Abyzz Aquarium DC Pump represents the state of the art and top shelf German Engineering. Using Titanium components, and a patented impeller design, the almost silent Abyzz pumps produce more flow and head pressure with less power and noise than typical pumps. Able to be used in either an internal submerged installation or externally plumbed the Abyzz has almost no thermal impact on the aquarium. Variable speed control, with wave simulation, feed, and burst mode is standard with all included Abyzz controllers. The Abyzz 400 is capable of 4900 GPH at up to 22 feet of head using 400w at 220v.


Also included are adapters to covert the inlet/outlet to US sized PVC.  Please use ABS to PVC Transition cement while attaching these parts for a permanent seal. 

This model includes the 10 meter cable between controller and pump.