Blue Life Clear FX Pro Advanced All in One Filter Media (225ml container)

SKU: Clear FX Pro 225ml

Blue Life Clear FX Pro Advanced All in One Filter Media (225ml Container) - Clear FX Pro may be the most advanced all-in-one filtration media available on the market.  The proprietary blend combines a super carbon, hybrid phosphate resin and organic scavenger resin for unparalleled water quality and clarity, all in a convenient, easy-to-use format. Clear FX Pro works rapidly to remove organic pollutants while leaving behind essential trace elements, effectively keeping aquariums clean, clear and healthy. Clear FX Pro contains a coal based granular activated carbon (GAC). Unlike other carbon based filtration medias, the extremely low ash content of Clear FX Pro will not lead to "Hole- In-The-Head", or Lateral Line Disease within your aquarium. Clear FX Pro introduces a new and exciting technology to the phosphate removal process. The long-lasting, high-capacity resin absorbs phosphates in half the time as a standard GFO and will not release phosphates back into the water after reaching maximum capacity!  The organic scavenger resin in this product has a macro-porous design that will not clog as quickly as competing organic removers. and works hand-in-hand with the granular activated carbon to attract organics, control ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate, while contributing  clarity, stability and quality to your aquarium water. The product comes in a fine mesh bag for ease of use.

To use the product simply place the mesh filter bag within a high flow area of your filtration system. Blue Life recommends 225ml of media for every 30 gallons of aquarium capacity. The media works fine within both canister filters and standard sumps. We have personally used this product a number of times in our frag tanks at shows such as MACNA, Reefstock, and Reef-a-Palooza to keep our corals happy and healthy during the events. On at least one occasion, it saved our butts during a show (ask us about it sometime!)! We have been very pleased with this products performance in our personal systems, and are happy to recommend it to our customers as a great all-around chemical filtration media solution. 

SIZE: 225ml Container