Catalaphyllia jardinei Pink Tip Elegance Coral 3" Stock Specimen


These elegance corals have vibrant green centers and varying degrees of pink flesh and pink tips.  Price is perfect for these as a stock item!   Place on sand bed for most natural positioning.  Gently flowing currents and somewhat regular feedings will keep them happy.  

CARE LEVEL:  Intermediate

TEMPERAMENT: Semi-Aggressive

PLACEMENT: On Rockwork or Rubble


LIGHTING:  Moderate

HUSBANDRY NOTES: LPS- We keep this coral under Eco Tech Radion XR30wPRO LED lights with an intensity of approximately 100 PAR and feed regularly with Polyp Lab Reef Roids and Yeast. 


NOTE: This is not a WYSIWYG Item.  Product received will look extremely similar to the photo.