Coral Essentials- Activated Carbon 2L (67.6 fl oz)



Activated carbon in pelletized form, typical size 4-5mm diameter and 6-7mm long.  Derived from bituminous coal, its high activity and extreme surface area (due to the activation manufacturing process) make it ideal for marine aquarium filtration applications.
For filters, it’s generally accepted that carbon made from bituminous coal is far and away much superior. In fact, it’s the first choice for human drinking water purifiers the world over. Our Coral Essentials Activated Carbon is made purely from Bituminous coal and far superior to all other carbon.
This activated carbon is good at removing organic chemicals from the water. The two chemicals that carbon excels at pulling from tanks are phenols and tannins. These are produced from a variety of sources, including the metabolic waste of fish and coral, the breakdown and decomposition of feces, plants and uneaten food, and many more. It is also excellent at the removal of chlorine, chloramine and some heavy metals.