Cyphastrea sp. - "Golden Eye" Cyphastrea - 1" Stock Frag


Cyphastrea sp. - "Golden Eye" Cyphastrea - This is a very distinctive color morph of Cyphastrea, which offers a very different look than the more commonly encountered "Meteor Shower" morph. It favors moderate lighting and moderate water movement. If slowly acclimated to higher light intensities, it may display more intense coloration and grow super fast. Although it relies heavily on its zooxanthellae for nutrition, Cyphastrea may be fed occasionally with very fine marine-based foods, such as oyster eggs, etc. This is a nicely-encrusted, super-colorful frag. A great addition for the collector! Joe's favorite of the cyphastrea

CARE LEVEL:  Intermediate

TEMPERAMENT: Semi-Aggressive

PLACEMENT: On Rockwork or Rubble


LIGHTING:  Moderate

HUSBANDRY NOTES: LPS- We keep this coral under Eco Tech Radion XR30wPRO LED lights with an intensity of approximately 100 PAR and feed regularly with Polyp Lab Reef Roids and Yeast. 


NOTE: This is not a WYSIWYG Item.  Product received will look extremely similar to the photo.