Gramma loreto- Royal Gramma -Approx 1.5" Specimen


The Fancy Basses include some of the most recognizable, and available fishes in the aquarium hobby, and include the famous Royal Gramma.

They are peaceful and bold, and they make excellent aquarium specimens if your aquarium is large enough, configured properly, and populated with compatible fishes and invertebrates.

Fancy Basses are very hardy aquarium fishes, Because of their gregarious nature, it is possible to keep more than one in an aquarium, especially large system with lots of rockwork and caves for the fishes to forage and hide among.

These fiehs are easily fed with most frozen and other prepared foods, and adapt to captive life quite easily. They have very healthy appetites, and typically feed well once acclimated. They are generally very healthy fishes and are quite disease resistant.