2 Feet ILLUMAGIC BLAZE X 60 LED Aquarium Lighting


Optics and Output

Optics is where Illumagic rise above the rest. With a full optical grade silicone lens, your Illumagic Blaze lenses will NEVER discolor, turn yellow, fade or burn even with extended periods of use and heavy UV spectrum. This also means maximum PAR is always allowed to escape your lighting unit even in years to come. As for the shape of the lenses, Illumagic has gone for a honeycomb design which offers the absolute best in colour blending and rendition of colour and spread throughout your aquarium. 



Dimensions - Please see image gallery above

LED Channels - 7 (grouped in Blues, UV's and daylight)

Power Consumption - Each LED runs at 2 watts

Number of LEDs - Blaze X 2' = 72, Blaze X 3' = 108, Blaze X 4' = 144, Blaze X 5' = 180, Blaze X 6' = 216

Optical Lens - Optical grade silicone optics, honeycomb blending


What's Included?

1x Black Illumagic Blaze X

1x Meanwell Power Supply

1x Hanging Kit

1x Instruction Booklet