Trochus Snails 4 or 10 Pack (Best for Reef tanks)


Please choose either 4 or 10 snails.  Trochus Snails are a valuable part of a well-rounded "cleanup crew", providing valuable scavenging services, feeding off of algae, detritus, and uneaten food. Many of them reproduce regularly in the aquarium, with their larvae providing a supplemental food source for other life forms.  

We have found Trochus snails to be the best for reef tanks since they are collected in tropical waters which match our reef water AND due to their conical shape which allows them to right themselves when they lose their grip and fall.  They also do not bulldoze corals as much as other snails which is great for corals that are not glued in place, especially when frags are sitting on eggcrate.  This is the snail of choice for algae cleanup in our raceways.  They are better than Mexican Turbo snails for the reasons above. 


The amount needed in a reef tank really does vary. As a general rule, we have found it is good to have 1 per 3 gallons of tank volume. Most snails are dime to nickel sized.  Obviously not a wysiwyg item;)   (Sometimes shipped with just damp newspaper so don't be alarmed if there is no water in the bag.)