Montipora capricornus -UC Red "Monti Cap" 1" Stock Frag


CARE LEVEL:  Intermediate

TEMPERAMENT: Semi-Aggressive

PLACEMENT: On Rockwork or Rubble


LIGHTING:  Moderate- Strong

HUSBANDRY NOTES: SPS- We keep this coral under Eco Tech Radion XR30wPRO LED lights with an intensity of approximately 200-250 PAR and feed regularly with Polyp Lab Reef Roids and Yeast.


NOTE: This is not a WYSIWYG item. You will be receiving a frag like the one shown here.  Also shown is the mother colony.

Montipora capricornus - UC Red "Monti Cap" -Stock Frag-  If you had to pick a “Most Popular” award for a coral, the “Monti Cap” would likely win! Arguably the easiest to care for and most iconic of its genus, this species is a “standard” in the hobby. The “Cap” has a characteristic swirling, plating morphology with beautiful tiered structure. the leading edges are often sharply contrasting in color to the rest of the colony. A common coral in nature, found mainly in lagoons. A very peaceful coral that can be easily damaged by more aggressive neighbors,so keep this in mind when placing the coral.

 Our morph is a beautiful fast growing red variety, from maricultured broodstock. It is one of those species that will “tell you” if it’s not happy with the water conditions in your system, particularly alkalinity. Our experience has this species being extremely hardy but more sensitive to rapid fluctuations in phosphate levels than other “SPS” corals. It requires sufficient calcium and alkalinity in order to grow and maintain its best colors. We’ve seen nice results since we’ve begun dosing Triton “Base Elementz” balanced ionic solutions into our system. The coral seems to respond very well to the regular replenishment of macro and trace elements.  If conditions are to its liking, this coral will grow into a magnificent show specimen with whirling plates so typical of beautiful established reef aquariums.