Neptune Systems Apex EL - DOS - Trident Bundle

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Neptune Systems Apex EL - DOS - Trident Bundle 

Bundle Includes:

Neptune Systems Apex EL

Apex EL makes keeping your aquarium easier while also monitoring key parameters such as temperature, pH, and the health of your connected equipment

Neptune DOS - Dosing and Fluid Metering System

A multi-purpose dosing and fluid delivery system of uncompromising quality combined with the simplicity of Apex Fusion software wizards for operations such as

  • 2-Part Dosing (Calcium and Alkalinity)
  • Other Additives Dosing
  • Automatic Water Changes
  • Micro-Quantity Dosing
  • Delivery of Liquid Foods and Supplements


Neptune Trident - Marine Aquarium Water Analyzer

The Trident is an automated testing system that regularly tests alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium in your saltwater aquarium — and then communicates this information to your Apex so you can get alerts, and change your dosing.

(Includes One Month's Reagent Supply)