Panta Rhei Nouri SPONGE 100ml


Panta Rhei Nouri Sponge: A revolutionary new food consisting of ingredients that would be encountered by the very fish the food is intended for. As quoted from ReefBuilders " For example, Panta Nouri Sponge is made with sponge skeletons, mainly horn skeletons, but also carbonate skeletons, together with the nutrient containing materials."  Fish such as Moorish Idols and many Butterfly fish will benefit from a diet like this.  It does not contain typical food fillers like animal protein, soy or other "unnatural" ingredients.  

 NOTE-  Please specify if you would like the M (Medium) or the S (Small) Pellet size.

Small Pellet size-0 .05 - 0.1mm

Medium Pellet size- 0.2 - 0.8mm