Pax Bellum Supplement combo pack. 250ml Iron & Manganese/ 1000 ml Nitrate & Molybdenum


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Combo Supplement pack for ARID reactors.

Iron and Manganese is 250 ml

Nitrate and Moybdenum is 1000 ml

Nitrogen + Molybdenum solution to maintain optimal N:P ratio in your aquarium. Dose as needed to maintain NO3:PO4 ratio between 20:1 and 200:1. Without Nitrogen macroalgae cannot continue to take up phosphate.

1ml raises 100L of system water by approximately 0.5ppm.

Test 6+hrs after dosing for accurate readings of NO3.

Do not raise system NO3 by more than 1ppm per day.

For best results set to 100:1 Example: 3ppm NO3 to 0.03ppm PO4

Iron + Manganese solution to maintain optimal Fe+Mn lost to uptake by macroalgae growth.

Dose daily 0.1ml per 100L (26.4 USgal) of system volume

*For use only with the Pax Bellum ARID system.