Pocillopora sp. - UC Aussie Neon Cat's Paw 1.5"-2" Stock Frag


We can remember many years ago when these corals were first imported and did very poorly in captivity.  The super thick structure signifying the need for serious wave movement was hard to replicate in captivity.  Thankfully with today's high powered efficient pumps they do amazingly well and are actually considered starter SPS for many hobbyists.  The mother colonies for these frags hail from Cairns Marine on the northern part of the Great Barrier Reef and do very well for us.  If you are looking for a coral to provide that natural reef look and complement the hyper colored sticks this is a great choice.  This intense color variety is in limited supply as they are not exported regularly.

CARE LEVEL:  Intermediate

TEMPERAMENT: Semi-Aggressive

PLACEMENT: On Rockwork or Rubble


LIGHTING:  Moderate- Strong

HUSBANDRY NOTES: SPS- We keep this coral under Eco Tech Radion XR30wPRO LED lights with an intensity of approximately 200-250 PAR and feed regularly with Polyp Lab Reef Roids and Yeast.


NOTE: This is not a WYSIWYG item. You will be receiving a frag just like the one shown here.  Also shown is a mother colony.