Rhizophora mangle - Red Mangrove 7"-10" Plant


These are in saltwater with roots and leaves.

Mangroves are one of the most adaptable and important plants in the marine ecosystem. They perform many valuable services for the reef, ranging from sediment protection to nutrient utilization. In addition, the dense roots of mangroves provide protection and feeding grounds for numerous reef fishes. In the aquarium, Mangroves provide aesthetic and functional benefits, including fostering of epiphytic food sources (such as plankton, diatons, and other macro life) within their root systems. Although they do uptake nutrients from the water, their slow growth rate in the aquarium limits their efficiency as a nutrient export vehicle. The primary benefit of the mangrove plant in the aquarium is aesthetic, with its interesting root system and fresh green leaves. Several plants may be utilized at one time, creating an interesting opportunity to recreate the mangrove biotope in the aquarium. The roots will perform valuable practical functions, providing protection for young fishes, and an interesting attachment point for small anemones and other life forms, such as zoanthids.