Stichodactlya tapetum - Maxi Mini Carpet Anemone - 1" WYSIWYG Specimen

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If you're looking for an anemone that is super colorful, easy to keep, and won't grow much larger than about 5", look no further. The "Maxi-Mini" Carpet Anemone is a great choice to add color and interest to your reef aquarium. These small anemones typically are found among rock structures on the reef, and should be placed in or on rockwork in the aquarium for optimum health. Once they find a place that they like, these anemones rarely move around. They may be kept under a variety of lighting regimes, from metal halide, T5, or LED.


Although not aggressive, Maxi-Minis do have a fairly strong sting, and small fishes like Blennies and Gobies could be at risk. If common sense is used in placement, you should not encounter any problems with aggressiveness. Interestingly, you can keep a number of them together. In fact, they seem to aggregate very close to each other. It is not necessary to feed them, but if you do feed small, marine-based foods, such as mysis, chopped squid, etc., they will grow even faster. Becuase of heir relatively small size, these colorful, super hardy anemones are great for nano aquariums.

NOTE: This is a WYSIWYG item. You will be purchasing the actual specimen shown in the photo.