Turbo sp.- Mexican Turbo Snails 4 or 8 pack


Snails are an important part of a well-rounded "cleanup crew", providing valuable scavenging services, feeding off of algae, detritus, and uneaten food, and helping to maintain the continued healthy of your tank. Many of them reproduce regularly in the aquarium, with their larvae providing a supplemental food source for other life forms.

These Mexican Turbo Snails clean algae like mad.  They do get fairly large and are known to be mini bulldozers in reef tanks so consider Trochus snails if you do not glue your corals down or have frags sitting in eggcrate.  They are a great choice for larger established reefs or big fish only systems.  They are also a great component in achieving an ultra low maintenance stable reeftank.


Offered in 5 or 10 packs.  Most snails are between 3/4"- 1" in size.