UC Ultra-Fresh RODI Water (pickup only)


We are excited to now offer our customers the same pure water we use in-house.

UC Ultra Fresh:

Water passes through a multiple stage pre-filtration system before entering the 4000 GPD Reverse Osmosis filter.  Water then flows through twin commercial mixed bed deionization tanks.  While this setup certainly does produce ultra pure water, we take it one step further and pass it through a commercial Virgin Bed DI polishing tank.

This fully conditioned water is then continually analyzed by a resistivity meter to ensure greater than 17 MegOhm purity.

This is the water you receive. 

5 gallons minimum.

First fill is free with purchase of our branded 5gal water jug.   (Feel free to bring your own water vessel.)

Pick up only, at our facility at 7028 Valjean Ave, Lake Balboa 91406 (near Van Nuys airport).