Ultra Reef UFF003 Fluidized reactor


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UltraReef model UFF003 Fluidized Media Reactor:  The number one choice of Triton reefers- Designed with simple maintenance in mind! Removable acrylic cartridge for quick media swaps! Great for Carbon or GFO. Flow rate -100gph-250gph depending on media type and volume. This unit features a single PVC input fitting that is fully adjustable (swingable). Water enters the unit from this pvc via a small powerhead or pump (not supplied) and flows upwards through the media until gently overflowing down the sides of the unit. This means no upper assembly to deal with. No gasket, compression rings, plumbing parts etc. The recessed acrylic body allows ample room for the water to cascade down the outside of the unit without running down the sides of the sump should the unit be placed against the inner side wall of the filter. The best part of the unit is the bayonet style cartridge removal. Just twist the acrylic cylinder 1" clockwise and the media chamber instantly detaches from the solid base. This separation allows for easy media replacement and rinsing in the sink. To replace the unit simply reverse the process. This can all be done while leaving the feed pump on. 

Total Height- 18"

Base circumference- 5.5"

Acrylic cylinder diameter- 4"

For a video demonstration of how it works, CLICK HERE.

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NOTE:   Because this reactor overflows from the top, be mindful not to place it too close to the edge of the sump or to allow any wires from coming in contact with the running water as the water may run down the wire and out of the sump.