Zebrasoma xanthurum - Purple Tang- Approx. 3" Stock Specimen

SKU: Purple Tang

Tangs and Surgeonfishes are some of the most commonly kept fishes in the marine aquarium hobby. There are many species suitable for captive life. Typically, these fishes are peaceful, hardy fishes that are excellent additions to large aquariums. Most are perfect for reef aquariums, as they will continuously graze on unwanted algae growths.

Although largely herbivorous in nature, they will eat a variety of other foods, such as mysis, finely chopped seafoods, etc. It is important that these fishes are fed frequently, as they are prone to stress and disorders caused by poor nutrition. Utilizing a vitamin and HUFA-enriched food soak with frozen foods is highly advisable.

.Tangs and Surgeonfish may get quite large, and should be kept in an aquarium that can accommodate their substantial adult size. Rockwork should be arranged in a manner that allows them to retreat if they feel threatened. Once acclimated and adjusted to their surroundings, these fishes are hardy and generally long-lived.