Instasale Aug 8th 11am - 3pm

Thank you so much for the support during these extraordinary times.

Winners of the raffle announced!

1. Shane Setlock
2. Sheila Falcon
3. Juanita Vasques
Thank you all for participating!

Please note: limit of two $5 coral per customer, and for every $5 coral, one must purchase a non-$5 coral.
Please purchase a shipping module.  (you'll need a shipping module to participate)
3 great prizes: 1. Killer SPS frag pack, 4 pieces - 2. Triton ICP Tests - 4 pack - 3. Ultra zoanthid frag pack, 4 pieces
Rules for entry:
- share the sale on Instagram or FB (post or story), tag #UniqueCorals
- make a livestock purchase at the Flash Sale
Full Rules: CLICK HERE
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