- "Just wanted to say I just got my order in and put up and they are both ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!! I can not thank you and the team enough for the insanely healthy frags! You guys are the best and I will definitely be buying from y’all again soon! Thank you!!" -Jacob B.

- "I am a first time customer and based on my recent experience, it will not be my last. My delivery just arrived and everything was packaged very well including an inventory sheet with a handwritten thank you, how nice.  I really liked that your company responded to my email promptly and professionally. Don’t change a thing.  It was a pleasure." -Charles K.

- "These guys may be my new favorite online coral vendor. The prices are reasonable and they have really nice stuff. Everything is WYSIWYG. I ordered 2 acro frags and they are huge. Fully encrusted. When I ordered, Scott called me from LA that night because he checked the weather and thought it would be better to wait. I will definitely order again." - Wes F., Raleigh, NC

- "..A BIG HANDS UP to the folks at Unique Corals. Yesterday I bought a Torch and two different Lordhowensis Acan frags, all have acclimated very well and have tripled in size, to what they looked like when I chose them...The shop at Unique Corals is very clean and smells clean too. I WOULD HIGHLY RECCOMEND THEM AS YOUR CORAL CONNECTION. I Will be going back soon." -Kevin A., Moorpark, CA 

- "I just had to say the corals I received are spectacular. I just can't believe how intense the colors are on all of the corals... especially the "Spartacus Acan Lord" frag. The colors of the corals shown on your website are what I received. It's obvious you've invested in some high quality photography... I'm just so impressed with the quality... corals, website, service. Much appreciated.". -Terry T. Houston, TX

- "I received the corals from Fed-Ex this morning before 9 a.m. Central in great condition, and I was very impressed with the speed with which they were delivered. The bagging and packaging was perfect.  As if free shipping wasn't enough, the bonus frag was very generous of you, and I was very excited to see what was in that bag.  Thank you!  The acans look great! Everything looks great!  After floating for about 3 hours they all went into the water and began puffing up almost immediately.  I always like to test my new LPS by offering them food, and I am very happy to say every frag more than obliged and extended polyps to eat. Thank you again for your flexible and extremely timely shipping, and thank you also for being of such great integrity as shown by the health of every piece, not to mention your generosity.  I will highly recommend your business to others, and I look forward to doing more business with you!" - Dustin B.

- "I was very impressed with the care taken with packaging especially considering how amazingly affordable your shipping costs are. This was my first order with UC and overall, I'd say it was a very positive experience.  I think you guys are going to be my go-to source for corals." - Eric R., Evanston, IL

- "Just a note to say thank you for yet another spectacular order. All corals have been eating and thriving since Friday of last week, and my girlfriend and I are always amazed by the color, quality, and health of each and every coral we receive from youAny reef hobbyist/buyer we can send your way, we have and will continue to because you are the best.  Thank you again." -  Sean C., Smyrna, GA

- "We received the coral shipment and they were beautiful. Great specimens. Never had much luck on-line but we decided to try you guys we were very happy with what we received." - Robert C.

- "I was fortunate enough to visit their facilities and I was pretty much in shock at the scale and (sorry my vocab just fails me here) awesomeness of their grow tanks (take a look at some of their threads). This is a place that to me is truly trying to do everything right in terms of aquaculture and proper coral care. You can really tell that their #1 concern is for the coral and their livestock."

- "The staff was also great to chat with, they have such an excitement and knowledge base for the hobby and it really shows... I purchased some small Acro colonies and a blue squamosa from UC (he threw in a acro frag freebie!) and all are doing great and very healthy. I very much recommend Unique Corals and hope to visit again very soon!"   - Paul Lee, Los Angeles, CA 

- "Everything came on time and everyone looks beautiful and healthy! Excellent! You've definitely got a customer for life. Beautiful, unique pieces at affordable prices. Starting up a new wishlist." - Abhi

- "I want to thank you for the bonus piece... First ur packaging is top notch and both pieces arrived is great condition. Well insulated, and perfect.. The swirl had great color out of the bag...Thanks again.. First time order for us with u guys... Totally impressed and will be a future customer. Thanks again." - Marybeth and Paul C., Westhampton, MA

- "Got in my Unique Corals Strawberry Shortcake! Looks great and thanks for the freebie! Excellent packaging as well! Great color and polyps were out shortly after adding it to the tank. Definitely a healthy specimen!" - David Chestnut, Columbia, S.C.

- "I love this box. It really sets Unique apart big time in my book from any other vendor..I call it "The Best Box Ever". Professional packaging for one zoa frag. Styro, heat pack, and the frag is in a bigger bag full of fun packaging peanuts. Everything had this "fresh" feel about it." - Darwin Ngo, San Jose, CA 

- "...Just want to say thanks for the Shortcake frag..the packaging was by far the best I have ever received from an online vendor. Heat pack was warm, packaging was intact, and coral is healthy. Thanks again for your quality service. You will be seeing my name come through your site again."- Erick Burrola, Atwater, CA

- "We ordered some coral from you last night and just wanted to display our extreme satisfaction.  First off, great selection and pricing!  Second, to receive a phone call shortly after the order to confirm someone would be available to receive the shipment, and inquire about weather conditions here is top notch Customer Service, and the proper way to conduct business!  We have ordered from you before, so we knew this going in, but it is nice to see nothing has changed in that respect.  All the new arrivals look great, showing polyp extension, and great color...and you sent a BONUS!  Always a happy surprise." - Rachel and Andy S., Charlotte, NC 

- "Just received my second shipment from you.  Your company's personal service is second to none. Loving the site. Keep up the great work!" - John E., Boston, MA

- "Thank you guys, you're awesome and I'm loving my corals I received.Still believe you have the nicest setup I've ever seen." -David K., Bristol, VA

- "With your crazy selection of killer frags, and great maricultured  pieces, I'm in reef-geek heaven! Love your daily updates. WYSIWYG is the way to go! UC ROCKS!" - Dale R., St. Paul, MN

- "Would you PLEASE stop putting up all of those amazing coral pics Joe takes every day on Facebook? You're making me feel sorry for the other coral vendors! :) " -  Steven Wildren, Shreveport, LA

- "Just wanted to let u know I got the corals in today. Fed Ex got it in time, without a hitch! They are all looking really good thus far, water was nice and warm, even wiith the cold NY weather. Thanks a bunch for the awesome freebies, really nice of you. I appreciate it...Thanks for everything!"- Vijay M., Hicksville, NY

- "All I can say is...WOW! Unique Corals has such nice variety! And you guys seem to be doing it right! The start of something big!"- Josh R., Aurora, IL

- "Just wanted to let you know my order arrived in fine shape. The specimens all are gorgeous with fantastic colors. The Aussie Purple Acro and Elegance are both spectacular! Thanks for the bonus piece!" - Thomas P., Weaverville, NC

"I love the fact that you guys are so customer-focused. Sure, everyone talks a great game, but you guys deliver. And you're just plain cool! Your website is clean and upscale, the corals are great, and the service is second to none! Even your logo and box are cool! Didn't someone tell you that coral vendors are supposed to be all loud and schlocky? LOL. Seriously, thanks for a great job!" -  Eric R., Minneola, NY

- "I ordered a couple of Bali colonies and sps frags and I am just extemely happy. The corals looked great in their pics and even better in person. Everything was packed well and I was called to confirm shipping beforehand. I can't thank you enough Scott and Unique Corals you have earned a repeat customer! Thanks." -Jared Singh, Los Cruces, NM

 - "Can't say enough about the customer service, Scott was great at finding a nice frag of the pink dragon, my wife loves it. The Reiki Chalice is amazing, honestly a great place to order from." - Frank P., Texarkana, TX  

- "Just wanted to say thanks for the great personal help getting my order together. I'm glad I listened to your advice with your recomendations. The corals were so colorful that they even impressed my wife, which is no easy task when it comes to this hobby. I'm really looking forward to seeing the pieces settle-in and start growing. Thanks, Scott." - Ralph R., Jupiter, FL
"I wanted to send you an e-mail and thank you for the great corals. They were exactly what I saw on your site and have acclimated well to my tank and look beautiful." - Jimmie B., Henderson, NV

- "Just wanted to let you know my order arrived healthy and happy yesterday. My second time ordering from you was just as excellent as the first. I wanted to say thank you for the bonus coral (a nice Aussie Lobo) as well. I will be a continued customer in the future." - Ernest D., Belleair, FL

- "I just wanted to share my experience. I bought 25+ SPS frags from them over the last 3 weeks. After a few months of researching, I decided I wanted to pool my money and effort with one particular coral vendor. It's been a long journey to finally having corals. Well they are in QT now so still no corals in the Display Tank but given the 8 year wait I'm totally psyched I chose UC. Scott has been fantastic with answering questions, over the phone and via email, regarding placement and flow and he quickly shipped out a replacement for a couple frags that didn't acclimate too well. Oh and I got a couple of freebies too. These guys have been great. I have some pretty unique corals, no pun intended and I can't wait to move them into my reef. Thanks again Scott and UC! I look forward to another round of orders." - Anibal P. Boston, MA

- "Hi, I just to tell you all that I love my new clownfish that I got from ya'll this week! They are so beautiful & so sweet. I got the female on Tuesday and the male on wed. When I added the male in the tank, the little female was SO happy to see her boyfriend, she kissed his lips twice!! Literally! It was just the sweetest thing I have ever seen! They go everywhere together, and are happy in their new home. Can't wait for them to adopt their bubble tip anemome. Also I love the corals I got. I am very pleased with everything, and your customer service is the best I have ever received! You all were so nice! Thanks for everything! I will most surely order from you again!" -Lisa H. San Angelo, TX

- "The new spatulata is absolutely gorgeous! I'm very happy with it and my only complaint is I need a bigger tank now haha. Just wanted to say thanks again and I appreciate you working with me. Your company is the best I've dealt with. Thanks!" - Kyle S. Kennesaw, GA

- "My order came in and I am very pleased with the quality of the livestock.   The lobos coloration is even better than the pics on your website, it's really great that in this day of super actinic lighting and photoshop oversaturation to be blown away by a coral when received in person.The gobies are also doing great, and both ate within 10 minutes of being unbagged. I am very impressed  with the quality of the livestock and will be ordering again soon!" - Ira B. Midland, TX
- "I got my order here safe and sound. Everything looks AWESOME! Thanks for everything extra. Looking forward to getting more corals from you. I will tell everyone I know with reef tanks to get stuff from Unique. Cool -have a great day. By the way, the Hydonpora is AMAZING Thanks again." - Patrick S. Flagstaff, AZ


- "Just wanted to email you to tell you thank you! my order has surpassed expectations and I am VERY happy with my purchase! I love your selection and quality of each specimen. The green Hyacinthus colony was much larger than I expected and looks fantastic as well as the Efflo. I will be looking forward to my next purchase from you." -Tanner S. Gate City, VA

- "I just wanted to send a thank you for the great corals I received this week.  I'm always hesitant about ordering livestock online but the corals and anemone that I received from you were all amazing specimens. They are already opening up and making my tank look better than ever.  You have earned my trust and my repeat business! Thanks again!" -Michael F.,  Chico, CA

- "I couldn't be more happy with my experience with your company-beautiful corals that were actually prettier than in the pictures, fast and fairly priced shipping, great prices, personalized service.  Thanks and looking forward to doing business with you again." - Scott W., Brooklyn, NY

- "I am thoroughly impressed by the service that you and your team provide to novice aquarist such as me. I have not only received one shipment but two from you; both packed with extraordinary care and delicacy. My first order, you talked me through each of the pieces I was receiving answering every question I had about care, lighting and feeding. Your patience was priceless. Shortly after receiving the first shipment, there was a death and your promptly replaced that frag. The size and heath of the frags was beyond expectation. You are truly running a great business. Thank you for all of your help! I look forward to working with you again in the near future. A very satisfied customer." - James W.,  Atwater, CA 

- "Just wanted to say how happy I am with your service. I got my little order of two corals today and was perfect. Got them acclimated and already the frogspawn is out and happy. Your guys prices were unbeatable and even cheaper with shipping than my LFS. Thanks for the great corals! You guys just gained another future customer!" - Tanner J.,  Bozeman, MT

- "I ordered from you guys a few weeks ago and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my order. I live across the country in reading, pa and the coral I ordered arrived very health and they look great. Keep up the good work, I've been recommending you to everyone I know." - Marc S., Reading, PA

"Received my first order this morning, I would just like to say WOW!  Not only were the corals exactly as pictured on your web site, they look even better live and in person  Even with a slight hiccup on a missing fish on your end, the customer service was fantastic with fair options for a replacement.  I am very impressed with the quality and arrival condition of your products.I can't wait to place my next order. So glad I found you guys on the web.Thanks." -David B., Louisville, KY

- "I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing experience.  Unique Corals has indeed exceeded my expectations on every level.   Scott was amazing to order with.  He spent so much time with me answering questions and giving great advice.  It was truly appreciated.  The packaging and shipping was the best I have seen yet.  Now let's talk those corals.  They arrived so healthy and even still extending.  They are just beautiful and my new favorites for sure. The bonus frag was awesome as well.  Thank you again!" -Deb B., Cape Coral, FL

-"Just wanted to say I received my order and am very pleased. Beautiful corals !! Will be ordering again very soon. Again, I am very pleased."-Robert C., Denham Springs, LA

- "I just recieved my second order in a week from you guys and wanted to take a minute and say how pleased I am with my orders and to thank you for the bonus frag you sent me. My only regret is that after all this time in the hobby I just found you guys..." - Chris T., Shrewsbury, MA

- "I made my second purchase from UC, and just like the first purchase, I was very impressed. I have searched for a link to leave a comment about my experience, and didn't find one. I checked the testimonials, and there was no link there, either. I have something I'd like to say:
When I make online purchases, I always try to tell the vendor the experience I have with their product(s) and service(s)... good or bad. Too often, it's constructive criticism, meant to help the company improve in an area that "needs a little work". I can honestly say that your products and service fall into the "good" category. No, I take that back... actually, it falls into the "very good" category. From our first communication, to my last purchase, I have been very impressed... which isn't easily done. As a result of the price, quality, and health of your livestock, to the outrageously low overnight shipping fee, you have become the favorite saltwater vendor for the Mrs. and I. Keep up the good work, and thanks for everything!!!"- J. Graham, Union, MS
- "I recently received my very first order after seeing unique corals featured on the BRS tv. First off I'm very happy with the corals I received and how they were shipped. The corals were exactly what was pictured and are beautiful in my tank. I will definitely be a future and long time customer." - Phil A. Michigan