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Triton Labs is a company with core skills in analysis, research and development for seawater aquariums. Triton believes that "empowered reefing" is possible when information is available for reefers of all levels. One of the main tools for this is the ICP-OES analysis, which provides reefers with important data relating to the trace and macro element compositions found in different oceans around the world. Triton Lab's founder, Ehsan Dashti, and his staff of researchers developed and refined the protocols of empowered reefkeeping, enabling aquarists the world over to easily provide optimum conditions for coral health and growth. A combination of scientific skill and real world reefkeeping experience puts Triton on the cutting edge of the hobby. The coupling of information and simple, yet elegant husbandry protocols to eliminate environmental variables comprises what is known as "The Triton Method."

Triton Labs water tests (macro and trace element water analysis) and the Core7 Elementz are the backbone of the Triton Method.

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Bromine (Br) 1000ml
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Calcium (Ca) 1000ml
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Iodine (I) 1000ml
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