At Unique Corals, we follow a strict quarantine, dip and inspection protocol in order to ensure nothing makes its way to our system, aside from the beautiful coral. 99% of the corals you see at our online store are aquacultured and have been grown in-house at our Los Angeles facility. Many mothers have been in our facility for many years, some from the very beginning since 2012. We proactively dip, inspect, and clean all frags and mothers weekly, sometimes multiple times per week in a meticulous manner, making sure that all growth and color are proper. All frags and corals on www.uniquecorals.com are free of pests as a result of our methods. 

We do not import frequently at all, as our focus is on aquaculture. When new corals are received we keep them separate from our main systems and will dip, inspect, and process for at least 1 month, and sometimes longer, until we know they are 100% pest AND pathogen free. We accomplish this with a variety of holistic products including but not limited to using CoralRX and Chemiclean.

Question: Are the systems the corals are in fishless?

Our systems are not fishless, we use a variety of tang and damsel species as part of our staff. The tangs will consume and recycle any excess algae that may be occurring, which is extremely rare considering they keep the tanks spotless, and the damsels are used for small crustaceans and organisms such as but not limited to bristle worms and pods, though again we do not see either very often as a result of the fish "employees". We are thrilled a majority of our fish in house have been with us for years, we have an 8" lieutenant tang that has been here since the beginning of UC, a stunning 14" red sea Desjardines that is at least 20 years old, a pair of unicorn tangs, male has to be around 14" and the female 10", and a few other giants that are absolutely breathtaking.

About a year or so ago we introduced a group of newer and smaller Vlamingi and Scopas tangs to help reach any smaller areas where algae was occurring, they are all still here. We can confirm as well that we have never had to deal with any fish related parasites or pathogens , everyone here is happy and has a nice fat belly.


Happy Reefing.