Big News! Wholesale discounts are now integrated into the regular uniquecorals.com website. 

Easiest way to shop yet, you can choose from our entire
catalogue of corals and goods. 

Simply login to your account at UniqueCorals.com Login and you will see wholesale pricing reflected on all livestock and drygoods.**If you do not see wholesale pricing reflected once logged in please reach out to us at hello@uniquecorals.com. We will fix this on the back end.

Unique Corals Inc. is the US representative for many high quality international brands, such as Panta Rhei (Germany), DaStaCo (Belgium), Pax Bellum (USA), Illumagic (Australia+Taiwan), Dalua (Australia+Taiwan) and many more. So you know you are getting the best pricing here!

Start Your Wholesale Application Here

Please send you valid reseller's license to info@uniquecorals.com with "wholesale application for Your_company_Name" in the subject.

With a strong emphasis on in-house grown frags, we have raised the
bar higherthan we have ever had previously. 
Browse our entire aquacultured coral collections directly from UniqueCorals.com

UC Wholesale offers the best coral and livestock at the wholesale level, the animals meet the highest standards for quality, health, sustainability, and most important to the retailer - profitability. We source rare and beautiful pieces from around the world for your business.