Unique Corals Inc. is the US representative for many high quality international brands, such as Triton Bio Reef Science (germany), Panta Rhei (Germany), DaStaCo (Belgium), Pax Bellum (USA), Illumagic (Australia+Taiwan), Dalua (Australia+Taiwan) and many more.

We offer discounts and shipping specials monthly. Just contact us at info@uniquecorals.com with "wholesale inquiry" in the subject.

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Please complete and return, along with reseller's license, to info@uniquecorals.com

To see our drygood wholesale portal, please go to UniquecoralsWholesale.com (you'll need a pw to enter)


For the best coral and livestock at the wholesale level, please visit UnitedReefInternational.comIn addition to sustainably-sourced wild corals, URI offers wholesale customers a large variety of “frags” that have been propagated in their Los Angeles grow facility, as well as by renowned propagators and aquaculture facilities around the world. Uri's offerings meet the highest standards for quality, health, sustainability, and most important to the retailer - profitability. URI sources rare and beautiful pieces from around the world for your store, and it is the exclusive importer of Solomon Islands corals in the coral golden triangle. To get started, just visit their website and apply.