R2R Anniversary FlashSale April 30 & May 1, 10am to 6pm

Winners are announced! Congratulations to these lucky reefers.
1st Place: Chase Winniford - $300 UC Gift Card

2nd: James Fish - UC Signature frag pack (mixed)

3rd: E-Van D. Dessasau, III - 1 head Aussie Gold torch

4th: Wesley Sims - 2 Triton ICP

5th: Lori Cole - 1 Triton ICP
Celebrate with us! Link to Reef2Reef Thread
Special promotion! Spend over $250 on corals in the FlashSale and get a complimentary ICP-OES test
Win Prizes - Every participant in the FlashSale event is automatically entered into the raffle - 1st Place : $300 UC Gift Card, 2nd Place : UC mixed  signature coral frag pack, retail value $250, 3rd Place : 1 head Aussie Gold Euphyllia coral, 4th Place : Two Triton ICP tests ,5th Place: Triton ICP test
You must purchase a shipping module to participate in the LiveSale (select "Add-On" free shipping at checkout) Please pick arrival date. Max three $5 corals per person, for every $5 coral must also purchase a non-$5 coral.) Robust guarantee. We combine shipping.  SALES ARE FINAL, NO SUBSTITUTIONS. Due to heavily discounted prices, you must purchase a shipping module in order to purchase in the FlashSale section (unless have purchased $225 or more in the main store).
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