Since 2013, Unique Corals has been transforming how corals are cultivated and distributed from the source to our loyal customers around the country. The backbone of our facility consists of six 30-foot long, 2000 gallon “raceways” and several large grow-out tanks for our signature corals with independent life support and monitoring systems. Each raceway incorporates a variety of cutting edge techniques, tools, and processes to minimize stress while maximizing coloration and polyp extension. 

To ensure our customers receive the highest quality croals possible, we have developed very strict methods and guidelines for the acclimation, quarantine, packing, and shipment of our corals. Our passion shows in the quality of the livestock. We only ship the healthiest specimens, and take "WYSIWYG" very seriously. 


We are not open to the public so please no walk-ins. If you would like to visit our facility, please call us at (818) 570-0848 between 10am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, to make an appointment. 

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Wholesale: To inquire about wholesale partnerships, please contact info@uniquecorals.com