UC CommentSold - Exclusive Livestream Shopping - Thursday 7pm pst

 We are going again this Thurs February 2nd, 7pm pst.

Huge discounts for the most colorful and healthy corals.

Live streaming for your coral shopping pleasure. =)

Hot hot hot WYSIWYG corals coming your way via live video!  See the exact coral you will receive on live stream. 

You can ask questions during the live event.

Just go to: https://uniquecorals.commentsold.com/ for current and past events. 

Shipping: you'll be asked to check out with shipping on your first purchase. Shipping is $32.99 for the module. All subsequent items will be added to your same box for free. 

We recommend purchasing the "registration" item for $1 so your information will be save in the system, for fastest checkout. An item is not yours until you completely check out.

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