ECM 42 pumps USB Adapter Kit - For optional programming, Panta Rhei

$303.05 $319.00

This USB kit will allow the pumps to access the Panta Rhei Panta Logic software. The software will allow you to create many wave profiles and modifications.

To simply program/setup 1, 6 or 100 of our pumps you need only one USB Adapter kit and a Laptop (MS Windows 7 or higher).

You can decide to take the USB Adapter kit away after the setup (the pumps will continue the programmed parameters/modi, profiles, etc.). If doing this you will need a set of BUS Terminators.

Or you may decide to keep the USB Adapter kit connected to the installed device/s in order to easily monitor or modify the programming, whenever you want.

To connect several pumps and to control them you need the adequate quantity (and length) of BUS cables (for 6 pumps = 5 cables) plus 2 BUS Terminators, necessary to close the voltage and data circuit.