Panta CD42 Motorized Acrylic or Glass Polisher - use underwater


Underwater algae cleaner and glass/acrylic polisher
For intensive but gentle cleaning of aquarium glass (float glass, white glass & acrylic) and decorative objects, grinding and polishing of scratched aquarium glass (float glass, white glass & acrylic)

The complete set contains a drive with extension handle, one fine & one coarse brush, 2 grinding/polishing discs, 2 mounting adapters, 3 cleaning pads and one grinding/polishing pad each in grit sizes 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000 & 8000, as well as the necessary accessories such as power supply unit, power cable, controller in a sleek locking hardshell transport case.

The Panta CD42 is designed exclusively for use under water and must not be operated outside the water!

Reef safe voltage using the same power supply and motor as the Hydrowizard 42, this revolutionary cleaning tool allows for simple and easier underwater polishing eliminating the need for pneumatic or expensive gear. Draining the tank to buff is no longer needed!