AquaticLife- Bed Resin Filtration Cartridge

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This color Changing Mixed Bed DI 10-Inch Cartridge from AquaticLife is the most effective and easy to use Deionizing (DI) cartridge in the market. This product's operates best in  temperatures from 39°F-100°F. 


  • Cation and Anion resins (H+ and OH-) are used to remove the remaining total dissolved solids (TDS) from membrane-filtered water.
  • 10" standard cartridge size includes a top gasket for a secure fit, and NEW Cartridge housing shape lends itself to efficient water-to-resin contact, while the NEW Opaque cartridge takes the guess work out of determining when resin is exhausted. Aquatic Life Mixed Bed Resin changes from blue to yellow, then tan to white when depleted.

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