BYOGUIDES- Coral Finder 2.0 Indo Pacific (ID Book)


About the Coral Finder BYOGUIDES ID Index:

The Indo Pacific Coral Finder is a unique Visual Decision Tool that makes coral identification convenient and easy. Using a novel visual navigation system the Coral Finder requires nothing more than a keen eye to get results.

YES, you can even bring it underwater with you!

The aim is with this Finder series to enable the user to take advantage of the visual supercomputer we all carry around – the human eye and brain. With a BYOGUIDE you can make powerful decisions visually without reference to complex latin terms or arcane knowledge. 

This relatively recent edition takes the mystery out of coral identification, and is now available. Though outdated (2011), this Indo Pacific Coral Finder still delivers on its general coral identification anywhere between the Red Sea and Easter Island. 


  • 12 1/2x9in