Chaetomorpha sp. - Chaetomorpha Macroalgae


Macroalgae provide both aesthetic and practical benefits for the aquarium. There are many different species suitable for the display aquarium, or for use in refugia. Macroalgae will compete with nuisance algae for available nutrients, and may be harvested for direct nutrient export. As an added benefit, some species act as living substrate for beneficial amphipods, tiny starfish, and various crustaceans. Some macroalgae species are also an excellent source of supplemental food for many herbivorous fishes.

Chaetomorpha sp. - Chaetomorpha Macroalgae- This is one of the most desirable and sought-after macroalgae species. It is perfect for use in a refugium to assist with nutrient export, and it's thick matrix harbors a variety of small, beneficial life forms, such as amphipods, tiny starfishes, and mysis shrimp. Price shown is for a 3 inch clump of macroalgae.  Also perfect for nutrient export for the Triton Method.  The algae of choice for the ARID Pax Bellum. 

Note- You will receive a large softball size of super green, super healthy chaeto.  Fast growing! For Pax Bellum C30 or C36, you can start with 1 or 2 portions to seed your reactor.