Triton CYA-NO 100ml



Derived through TRITON’s unique scientific work in N-DOC lab testing and establishing the TRITON N:C:P Ratio.  CYA-NO is a cyanobacteria inhibitor which aids against the most common forms of cyanobacteria.  

CYA-NO creates an environment that promotes the development of beneficial organisms that compete with the cyanobacteria and help to slowly shift conditions away from those in which the cyanobacteria thrive.  CYA-NO influences the environment safely and naturally by affecting N, I, P, K and B levels and the N:C:P ratio.

Most importantly it inhibits the growth of cyanobacteria without containing any form of antibiotic or aggressive heavy metals and is safe to use with any reef system.  

Ideally used in conjunction with TRITON N-DOC lab tests to accurately dial in the dose rate, there is also a generic dose rate if exact water parameters are not available.  Use our online calculator for optimal treatment information.

If you witness any increase in the growth of cyanobacteria after using CYA-NO for more than 4 days then cease dosing immediately as the specific cyanobacteria causing the outbreak is not a variety that can be treated with this product.

This product was designed in Australia and produced in Germany.

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