HydroTube 75 set, Panta Rhei

Panta Rhei


This pump is designed for inline usage, especially in closed loop applications.  The supplied software is easy to use and allows for complete intensity and duration in both directions.  (Fully reversible).  Creating true tidal flow patterns is not attainable.  Amazing in circular or gyre flow systems where reversing flow over a period of time will yield favorable growth results in coral.  This concept is not to be confused with Random Flow which is not inherent to coral reef where the primary flow cycles are far from random. 

HydroTube 75 set - tube pump
Nominal input voltage: 100-240 V~, 50/60 Hz
Motor operating voltage: 48 V
max. Power consumption: 658 W
Minimum speed: 400 rpm
Max. speed: 2,350 rpm
Max. flow rate: 160,000 l/h
Max Media Speed: 3.3m/s
max. operating depth: 10 m (limited by cable length)
Weight (motor + housing): 56,000 kg
Total weight: 67,000 kg
Max. media temperature: 35 °C
Max. ambient temperature: 40 °C
Cable Length: 10m