Hymenocera elegans - Blue Harlequin Shrimp 1"

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Shrimp are one of the most interesting groups of creatures commonly kept in reef aquariums. There are hundreds of species of tropical shrimp that are available in the aqarium trade. However, only a few dozen are commonly maintained in aquariums because. Most are easy to care for, require occasional feedings of appropriately sized foods, and reef-quality water conditions. They will molt as they grow, and should be provided with areas in the aquarium to retreat to after these events.

Hymenocera elegans - Harlequin Shrimp -  With it's distinctive white body color and blue spots, this popular shrimp lives up to its name. Relatively small, peaceful, and easy to care for, the Harlequin Shrimp does have a very particular dietary requirement- echinoderms, mainly Starfish. It will consume many different species of Starfish, and should be offered feedings regularly. If you are not up to meeting the strict dietary preferences of this shrimp, you may want to consider the less demanding Blood Shrimp, or other varieties that we offer.  It does come in great as a nuisance starfish eater if you happen to have some that need removal! The good thing is that they will quite quickly decimate a population of Asterina starfish!  

Size: Approximately 1"

Husbandry Notes- Keep in Reef Aquaria only.  Hardy once established. 

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