5 Feet ILLUMAGIC BLAZE X 150 LED Aquarium Lighting


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ILLUMAGIC BLAZE X-150 ( 5 FT) LED Aquarium Lighting

Next level lighting for the perfect spectrum instantly

Illumagic is back, with the very popular Blaze X series. This LED fixture is fully upgraded with SPS rated brightness and full spectrum colour control, with a free mobile app for your smart phone. The build quality is world class and this fixture is used by the biggest coral collectors globally in their grow and holding facilities. The Blaze X has bluetooth connectivity for an easy user experience. One touch upload of settings and live color testing from within the free downloadable app in the iOS App store or Google Play. The unit can come equipped with either hanging kits or side mounts, optional rimless floating mounts also available.

  • Pendant hanging system included
  • Fully programmable, 7 LED spectrums to control
  • Wireless programming for iPhone and android
  • One touch cluster control and cycle control
  • 2 year warranty
  • no other hardware needed

X-150 Specs:

Cool white, red, green, blue, royal blue, violet & UV LED's
75 degree silicone optics (removable up to 130 degrees)
LED's 400 up to 620nm

59.05im L x 5.90in W x 1.95in H
9,000k - 20,000k
375 Watt power consumption
Bluetooth controllability free app download 
Hanging kits included
2 year no hassle warranty

Optics and Output

Optics is where Illumagic rise above the rest. With a full optical grade silicone lens, your Illumagic Blaze lenses will NEVER discolor, turn yellow, fade or burn even with extended periods of use and heavy UV spectrum. This also means maximum PAR is always allowed to escape your lighting unit even in years to come. As for the shape of the lenses, Illumagic has gone for a honeycomb design which offers the absolute best in colour blending and rendition of colour and spread throughout your aquarium. 



Dimensions - Please see image gallery above

LED Channels - 7 (grouped in Blues, UV's and daylight)

Power Consumption - Each LED runs at 2 watts

Number of LEDs - Blaze X 2' = 72, Blaze X 3' = 108, Blaze X 4' = 144, Blaze X 5' = 180, Blaze X 6' = 216

Optical Lens - Optical grade silicone optics, honeycomb blending


What's Included?

1x Black Illumagic Blaze X

1x Meanwell Power Supply

1x Hanging Kit

1x Instruction Booklet