MarcoRocks Coralline ReefSaver- Small (20lb & 40lb Boxes)



MarcoRocks' most popular rock, now offered in smaller coralline sizes. Perfect for specific DIY build projects. 

While this rock may appear to look like others it surely is not. MR's small Reef Saver rock is carefully sourced for color, porosity, and purity. Accept no imitations and choose MR for the best quality dry rock in the business.

MarcoRocks has the finest all natural, once-live, calcium carbonate aquarium rock available to the aquarium enthusiast today. We never use any chemicals or additives. Often, you can spot fossilized ancient corals within the rock. 

  • Reef Saver Small pieces are approximately the size of a softball.


Eco-Friendly Sustainable Rock

These rocks are a green sustainable product. Because it is not harvested from marine environments, it has no negative impact on our delicate reef or marine ecosystems. Combine this with our unique no-chemical cleaning and processing and you get great looking, pest free rock that's also environmentally friendly.