MarcoRocks Frag Mounts- 9lb bag



Marco Rocks Frag Mounts-  Perfect for gluing small frags to keep them in place. The heavy weight of natural rocks in addition to the natural limestone makes these the perfect choice for growing small frag.  We use them in areas of high flow where they stay put and look great.  

For best results, we recommend to keep a bunch in your sump ready to go.  The conditioning will allow them to become coated with a bacterial film which will slow down nuisance algae growth when placed under high lights.  (Any virgin surface will grow algae including traditional frag plugs)  Avoid this by making them live.  A few weeks is all that is necessary.  Another benefit of placement in the sump is the additional surface area for bacterial colonies to grow.  

Each piece approximately 2-3 inches.
100% all natural, made in the USA.