MarcoRocks ReefSaver- Loose, or 40lb Box (Most Popular)



Now by the pound!

Pieces are grapefruit to football in size. 

We recommend 7 lbs or so per every 10 gallons of display tank.  

MarcoRocks ReefSaver rock is an all natural rock that is harvested on land from an extinct reef system buried when the Florida land mass was formed.  It is the perfect choice for those looking to for an environmentally friendly, natural limestone product that is 100% free of pests. 


MarcoRocks Reef Saver Live Rock is one of the most unique rocks that are available on the market today. Reef Saver is a sustainable product since it is not taken directly from the ocean and does not impact living coral reef structures in any form. Combined with their chemical-free cleaning process MarcoRocks is always 100% free of nuisance algae or any type of pests.

MarcoRocks is the choice of many public aquariums, aquaculture facilities and custom tank builders. 

For best results, stack over MR Foundation Rock and mix with MR Premium Shelf Rock. Can easily be glued to create overhangs and ledges using MR e-400 mortar or any reef safe cyanoacrylate.


Instructions- Just give a gentle rinse in fw prior to use to wash off any dust or debris.  Safe for FW displays too that benefit from a higher ph. 

Shipping Note: UPS automation is not always gentle on heavy products like this and they do not consider this product insurable. Because of this, there is some inherent risk with shipping rock across the country and it is impossible to replace or refund broken pieces. If this happens most pieces can be repaired and even improved with simple bonding.